The Healthy, Gluten Free Brands You Need to Know

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

An alarming amount of people have the wrong impression that if they choose the 'gluten free' option, they're taking the healthy route. Trust me when I say that just because it's gluten free, does not mean it is good for you. Only in my dreams could the gluten free donuts I am so obsessed with be considered clean-eating. So although we are blessed with so many gluten free brands and products these days, don't be fooled by thinking that all of them are worth investing in. Keep reading for my favourite gluten free brands that are both good for you and don't crumble into a million pieces!


If you've read any of my previous food related posts you'll know how obsessed I am with this brand. These are the items in particular I wholeheartedly believe everyone should have in their press, coeliac or not:

Sweet Potato Wraps (click here)

Plain Bagels (click here)

Pita Bread (click here)

I have the wraps religiously for lunch. Their texture and taste are 10/10 and they hold together so well.

On mornings when I have the time for an indulgent breakfast, I love scrambling eggs, frying some veg and stuffing it into one of their pita breads. The bagels are essential for a Sunday brunch with smoked salmon and cream cheese. Plus, ALL of these mentioned foods are low in fat, high in fibre and vegan, as well as being gluten free. Even the bagels are only 190 calories! It looks as though I have been paid to say all of this but I can assure you I haven't, I'm just that much of a fan.


From their biscuits to their crackers, Nairns has mastered the gluten free, healthy, on-the-go snack. Their products are made with gluten free, wholegrain oats and a good source of fibre! Their biscuits which you can find here, have 40% less sugar than the average gluten free biscuits, come in a wide variety of flavours and are perfect for a little treat between meals to keep you going. Plus, their crackers are significantly lower in carbs and fat than your usual cracker. They have such a wide choice but I personally don't think you can beat the classic, which you can find here. They also now have a range of flatbreads that I can't wait to get my hands on!!


If you read this post on the "healthy" foods to avoid, you'll understand my beef with 'veggie crisps'. Specifically the ones that get their title from the 1% of spinach powder they contain. They're basically just a bland version of normal crisps. Popcorners, however, are a whole other kettle of fish!! In particular, the 'our little rebellion' hot buffalo protein crisps which you can get if you click here. As a diabetic I constantly struggle with my dying passion for crisps and what they do to my sugar levels as they're usually so high in fat and carbs. These hot buffalo crisps only have 2.5g of fat, 6g net carbs and 80 calories per serving!!! What's more, their veggie crisps are made out of actual vegetables. All of their products are made out of non GMO corn and popped, not fried making them considerably lower in fat.

Explore Cuisine

Explore Cuisine's bean powdered pastas are a fantastic alternative to regular spaghetti. They're far lower in carbs, so rich in fibre and have almost 3 times more protein! I can definitely vouch for the black bean spaghetti which you can click here to buy. The organic mung bean fetuccini is my other favourite which you can get here. Unlike a lot of gluten free pastas, these both have a great texture and hold together very well.


Another one of my go-to gluten free pasta brands is Banza. Their chickpea range is amazing and they have so many different varieties! I love the pasta wheels, which you can get here. They have double the protein, four times the fiber, and nearly half the net carbs of regular pasta. Plus, who doesn't love chickpeas?!

So those are some of my favourite gluten free brands to keep an eye out for. I have plenty more that I reach for on treat days, but they're for an entirely separate post. These are the brands that I genuinely use on a daily basis and couldn't recommend enough! I hope this post has been helpful and if you have any other recommendations feel free to let me know! x

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