The Diabetic's Gift Guide- For Her

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

The way my mind works is funny. I don't think twice about spending a month's wages on a new bag to treat myself yet I hesitate to spend anymore than 10 dollars on something diabetes-related. It could be a stunning medical ID or a medical kit that looks like it could be Prada, it doesn't matter. The things that will be far more beneficial to me and that I genuinely love- I struggle to spend money on. Why? Perhaps because I know that if I wasn't diabetic I would be splashing out on something else, so I don't think of it as treating myself. That's why I love a good diabetic gift. I probably wouldn't have the product I constantly use and love otherwise.

Plus, it's my birthday next week so a big hint hint nudge nudge to any of my friends reading this.

Another point to note- I don't work with nor have been paid to promote any of these products, they're just things I genuinely am obsessed with!


There's so many fantastic diabetes awareness bracelets available online today that thankfully the days of the big, illuminous wristband that screamed DIABETIC at you are long gone. My all time favourite medical ID brand is Lauren's Hope. They have the most stunning designs in Rose Gold, Gold and Silver. I'm absolutely in love with this little dainty rose gold one here.


Again, there's plenty of blood glucose and medical kits out there, but the majority are bland and bulky. The Prikkedief combi clutches are by far the most economical and overall fabulous looking diabetes kits I've come across in all my 10 years of being a diabetic. Just look at this snake white one.


Of course, I couldn't really do a gift guide for a diabetic female without mentioning Myabetic. Their selection of diabetes handbags is just insane. Any diabetic woman knows the struggle of trying to stuff everything needed into one bag PLUS zip it up. Myabetic's bags are designed to help organise all of the diabetes bits so that everything fits. That's why this Amy Diabetes Bag is a lifesaver. Not only is it so sleek but its large insulated centre section has a removable insert that organises diabetes supplies!!


I find that keeping track of my sugar levels helps diabetes to be a little less overwhelming and easier to understand. The Diabetic Health Journal is a mix between a wellness, health and sugar level journal and is just so aesthetically pleasing. It has a little 'Morning Work- in' section, so you can start your day positively, and a 'Night Cap' to pause and see what did or didn't work that day. It has a space for absolutely everything- from workout plans and water intake to sugar level logs. Just looking at it makes me feel like I have my life together. I am a particular fan of this pink one.


A few months ago I was gifted the Hyper Hypo Sports Bra by the lovely Judy and have since been wanting to buy a second one for when the first is in the wash. I used to go for my morning runs wearing a fanny pack or a schoolbag that bounced up and down as I ran. Needless to say this impacted my running ability plus I was always anxious that one of my diabetes things would fall out. This sports bra, which you may notice I go on about about A LOT, has a little pocket inside with a velcro seal. It's designed to fit the insulin pump but I use it for my glucose tablets, glucose monitor and finger pricker. They all fit securely inside with ease. Plus, the marble design is just fabulous.

There you have it, my Diabetic's gift guide for her. Feel free to "accidentally" send this link to your friend and family whatsapp groups and/or your other half. Hope you enjoyed!

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