The Best Low-Sugar Choices From The Top Coffee Chains

With the chilly temps starting to kick in, I feel like more of my day is revolving around hot beverages. I've never been a big hot chocolate fan because I can honestly never bother to guess how much insulin to take with it. I don't want to deal with that nervy feeling of wondering if I'm about to have a low blood sugar afterwards. So, I normally just opt for an Americano, or even more bland, a tea. Thankfully with more people on that sugar-free buzz these days, the big chain coffee companies have caught on. You can venture away from the boring hot beverage without sacrificing your healthy sugar levels. Below you'll find a list of my favourite sugar-free choices from the biggest coffee chains. Enjoy!

1. Starbucks

Skinny Vanilla Lattes were my go-to as a young (basic) girl who hadn't developed the taste-buds for actual coffee yet. However, my insulin requirements for one latte could change each time depending on how much syrup was put in it. Starbucks's sugar-free vanilla syrup would've been the answer to all of my 15 year old problems had it existed back then. It's even delicious in just a regular Americano. Along with sugar free vanilla, Starbucks also have

- sugar free caramel

- sugar free cinnamon dolce (my favourite for autumn)

-sugar free hazelnut (the one I've never tried as it would kill me)

-sugar free peppermint (available seasonally)

2. Caffe Nero

My favourite coffee chain to sit in for hours at a time has to be Caffe Nero. Out of all of the coffee shops it has to have the comfiest chairs and most relaxed vibe. Although they don't have as wide of a selection as Starbucks, they still have a few sugar-free syrups available. It's such a lovely place to go in the evening to wind down with a hot drink, especially on a Wintery night. If I'm ever doing this I'll order a decaf coffee with sugar free vanilla so I'm not up all night. Caffe Nero offers

-sugar free vanilla

-sugar free hazelnut

-sugar free caramel

Plus, they sometimes have gluten free cookies and brownies (not sugar free, just delicious)

3. Costa

The first place I'll go when I arrive home to Ireland for Christmas is straight to Costa to try their sugar-free gingerbread latte. Costa have actually planned to reduce added sugar in all of their drinks range by 25% by 2020, which is great to see! They're the only coffee shop I know that has made a sugar-free gingerbread latte so I'm all for this plan. They also offer a sugar-free caramel syrup which I've heard fantastic things about. Although I haven't yet tried either as there are no Costas in America, I'll be sure to make up for lost time while I'm home.

4. Dunkin Donuts (USA)

I first tried a Dunkin Donuts 'Americano' with a french vanilla flavor and it was hands down the most disgusting thing I've ever tasted in my whole entire life. I'm not sure what went wrong, I don't want to give it another chance. However, what I can vouch for are their iced coffees. They're commonly drank all year round in Boston anyways (even during the Baltic conditions). A medium iced coffee with a french vanilla shot, two skimmed milk and two splenda has been my specific order every day since April. Make sure you specify shot as a swirl is not diabetic friendly to say the least. These are the other completely sugar-free flavours that you can get in Dunkins.


-Toasted Almond




So there you have my favourite sugar-free options from the biggest coffee chains. I do prefer to get my coffees locally, but it's nice to venture away from a plain old Americano sometimes. Hope you enjoyed!

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