The Best Diabetes Kits

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

We all know the chances of forgetting something when we’re rushing out the door. It could be the phone, the keys, or perhaps the packed lunch- all terribly inconvenient to forget! However, with type one diabetes, a morning rush is a dangerous game to play. There is nothing worse than arriving at your destination to discover that you've forgotten one of your many diabetes bits you so heavily rely on to keep you going throughout the day.

Whether it be your insulin, needles, glucose monitor, test strips or emergency sweets. Leaving just one of these behind is far more than an inconvenience. You can read about how I managed to go an entire working day without my insulin here, but it certainly wasn't easy.

So, how can you avoid this? The answer is the little kits with a space for each of your diabetic needs. These kits make it obvious when something is missing. So, rather than having to remember 5 or 6 separate things to dump into your bag, all you need to remember is one.

I was given one by the hospital when I was first diagnosed, but left it to the side after the first week. Firstly, it didn't fit my insulin, and secondly, it was ugly. However, I recently came across a few type 1 diabetes kits that I found online that are the full package- convenient, life saving and stunning!


The first one that caught my eye is this Prikkedief Combi Clutch. I love the snake like pattern and colour, and for just under €27! They also have a lovely shimmery copper toned one too.

Both have hand straps and pockets with a zipper, so can definitely be used as a purse or a clutch as well!

Belt Bags

I love wearing belt bags at festivals but always struggle with trying to shove everything in that I need for the day. Myabetic have provided the perfect solution to this with their fabulous range of belt bags! This is great for a vibrant outfit and this one is fab if you prefer a classier look.


For quirkier options, Out of Sight is a great website. A lot of their kits have very bold colours and designs, like this bubblegum kit as well as this Leopard print one.

Essentials kit

The Kamen Diabetes case is not only pleasing to the eye, but so convenient! It has a built in insulated section where you can add in a cool pack for your insulin and a little removable waste pouch to put used test strips! I personally love it in lavender, but you're definitely spoilt for pretty colour choice.

Travel kit

If your doing some travel, I would definitely recommend investing in a diabetes travel kit. When I was travelling to America with DELTA, they allowed an extra carry on for medical reasons, and I'm sure lots of other airlines do too! This travel kit from Myabetic has everything you need- lots of storage room, an insulated section, removable waste pouches and removable on the go pouches for daily testing essentials. Plus, it's fab.


For a wallet style diabetes kit, I love this tan leather one from Sugar Medical. You can store all the essentials in it as well as your medical ID or any other cards and your phone in the slip pocket at the back! It also comes in a red colour.

Cross-body Bags

If you're looking to treat yourself or are gift-searching for a Type 1 Diabetic, the cross-body bags from Myabetic are a great starting point. I absolutely love this Tina Diabetes Mini Cross-body. It comes in lots of colours but my personal favourite is crimson.

Another stunning option is the Marie Diabetes Cross-body. I love the gold colour but I've always had an eye for shimmery things. The black with silver chain is another great option, as it's so versatile and can go with any outfit!

Both of these Cross-body bags have a built in purse and a compartment for your phone.

So those are my favourite diabetes kits that are not only fabulous, but will help you to remember all of the essentials! Now all I have to do is wait for the next opportunity to treat myself and begin working my way down the list. (Does my half-birthday count?) Hope this has helped! X

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