The Best Diabetes Awareness Bracelets

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

I’m not sure who the Medical ID was more distressing for. My eleven year old self was almost insulted that I was expected to wear this illuminous wristband with the word DIABETIC screaming back at me. Meanwhile, my mum knew from a glance at my disgusted face that there was no chance of this potentially life-saving bracelet going anywhere near me. She tried everything. She even tried to slip it on while I was sleeping, hoping in vain that I wouldn’t notice the bright band of ugliness on my wrist the following morning. For anyone who doesn’t know what I’m talking about, it’s these-

After a few situations involving severe hypos alone in public, I realised I’m not a special case. Medical IDs are absolutely essential for any diabetic. However, that doesn’t mean you should have to make your wrist an eye-sore. Here is my favourite diabetes awareness bling that will save your life without sacrificing your style!!

Dainty Chain

type 1 diabetes

Butler and Grace is one of my favourite brands for medical IDs and I personally love the look of this dainty little chain. It’s so subtle yet clearly shows the medical alert and ‘diabetes’. I ordered off this UK website from Ireland and it arrived in 3-4 days.

For those from America, I found an alternative on Amazon which you can find here. This gorgeous little bracelet comes in gold, rose gold and silver for such a good price! When I arrive in Boston I will definitely be getting the rose gold one.


If you like Alex and Ani charm bracelets then this bangle from Butler and Grace is a great option! You can add more charms to go along with the medical alert one that comes with it. You can also engrave your medical condition, name and number on the back.

A US alternative can be found here from a brand called MKay Accessories. It is the same style as the one on Butler and Grace, and you can also add as many charms as you like!


For a more casual, boho look, this bracelet from Butler and Grace is perfect. This is the one I decided to go for myself, and I love it. It’s so light you’d forget you were wearing anything and you can adjust it to fit your wrist. It’s comfortable and subtle yet practical and pretty- just what I needed for a medical ID. I got mine in the colour berry but there’s a wide variety of colours to choose from.

Type 1 diabetes

I found a similar, boho-style bracelet made from leather available on both this American website and this UK website too! This one is slightly pricier but made from leather, so would perhaps be a bit more durable.


If you’re a fan of beaded jewellery, you’ll love this simple yet chic bracelet that can be found here, on Medic Alert. Similar to the other charm bracelets I mentioned, you can engrave your medical condition on the back of the charm with the medical alert emblem.

For American shoppers that have an eye for beads, I love the look of this beaded bracelet with Swarovski crystals that can be found on the StickyJ website here. They also have an offer on at the moment that includes 15% off your first order!


Type 1 diabetes

This pretty gold bracelet is both glamorous and practical. The white emblem stands out from the gold background so it's easily visible in an emergency and you can engrave Type 1 Diabetes on the inside. For UK and European buyers you can get it off this website. For American buyers you can get the same bracelet here.


If you have an eye for things that sparkle, the Lynx Shine bracelet is a great option for you. It’s, glamorous, glitzy and discrete, yet at the same time has a clear medical alert emblem and engraving available on the inside. This one is a great option to have if you’re getting dressed up! The American version is available here.


This charm bracelet from Butler and Grace is so simple, subtle and pretty and would go with any outfit. Although there is no medical alert emblem on it, the charm clearly states diabetic, so will still act as a potential life-saver in an emergency.

The American brand, Shiny Little Blessings, offers this gorgeous little charm bracelet available here. It’s handmade with a 20% discount available at the moment! I love the dainty little pearl that goes along side the charm. It also can come gift-wrapped with a message card, so would make a really thoughtful Christmas present.

Thick Chain

Another gorgeous alternative is this chain bracelet from the UK website Medical Alert. The charm shows a clear medical alert emblem in the shape of a heart and the back of it holds up to 6 lines of engraving!

A similar style for those in America can be found on Amazon here. I actually couldn't believe it when I came across as it is so similar to my Tiffany bracelet!


Lastly, if you’re thinking of something to get your diabetic friend, or simply in the mood to treat yourself, I would definitely recommend one of these gorgeous chains from Lauren’s Hope. My two favourites are this one (which is on sale at the moment!), and this one. At first they seem reasonable enough, but unfortunately the pretty, rose-gold tag and engraving accumulates to over 70 dollars- an amount I can’t justify spending on a medical ID for myself. However, they would certainly make a stunning little gift!

So those are my favourite diabetes awareness bracelets that I have come across. Although I am aware that not all of them may be certified as medical IDs, it's certainly better to have one of these than nothing at all! Hope this post has helped. x

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