5 Top Nutritious Gluten Free Breads

Gluten free bread has a bad enough rep. Dry, small, crumbly, processed- throughout my many years sans gluten I have wasted far too much money on cardboard in bread packaging. What's more, bread itself has a bad enough reputation as is, and this doesn't need to be the case. When I'm buying bread, I'll always opt for a high-fibre, nutritious brand. Foods high in fibre are not only more satisfying and key for a healthy gut, but they also reduce the total amounts of carbohydrate in the food. This is great for diabetics by preventing sugar spikes and reduces insulin spikes in non-diabetics too, which is better for weight loss and prevents that sharp crash of energy soon after a meal. I could keep talking about fibre for years so I'll cut myself short. Keep reading for my top five nutritious, gluten free breads.


The Juvela Fibre Loaf defeats any non-sensical claim that bread is "bad for you". It is not only a source of fibre, but also contains linseeds, which we love. Linseeds are the richest plant source of omega 3 fats, which are essential for a healthy brain, heart, joints and immune system. This miracle bread also contains water-soluble B vitamins that work together to help release energy from the food and has a significant source of iron and calcium. All of this, plus it's gluten free and doesn't need to be toasted to taste like actual bread. Anyone who follows me on instagram (@naturallyfuelledblog) will know from my GF reviews that I am harsh with my ratings. I give this one a strong 8.5/10.


Genius is a brand that is taking nutritious breads to a whole other level. I actually love their website alone, which really dumbs down the miracle ingredients you've never heard of, such as bamboo fibre and black treacle. It explains how each one is beneficial to your body and how ingredients like these ensure that even their fruit loaf, a bread traditionally full of sugar, is nutritious. This means I can eat an entire loaf guilt-free, which is essential. Aside from their fruit loaf, they have a wide range of breads that are dedicated to being higher in protein and fibre, such as their 'Fibre Fest' and 'Protein Punch' range.


I always rate a gluten free bread by how much it needs to be toasted in order to be not just edible, but enjoyable. I can hands down say that I have eaten a slice of Promise's Chia and Quinoa bread straight from the fridge on multiple occasions. It's so soft and fluffy you'd second guess it's lack of gluten. It is, however, gluten free, and made in a 100% gluten free factory with no risk of cross- contamination. It's low in fat, high in fibre, and even has chia seeds which like linseeds, is a source of omega 3s. Consider all of the bread boxes ticked.


I never stop harping on about BFree but they're by far my most-used food brand. Plus, this bread isn't just for coeliacs or anyone on a gluten free diet. Each type of bread is notably high in fibre and protein, so a much more nutritious option then white bread. Although there are more options available in Ireland and the UK, my favourite (the brown seeded sandwich loaf) is also available in America. I don't feel the need to toast this in order to enjoy it which is very rare with gluten-free breads. You can click here to get a pack of 3!


The Schar brand has been in my cupboard since day one of becoming a ceoliac. They're just a solid reliable. Their gluten free custard creams helped me survive ten years ago when gluten-free simply wasn't a thing yet. The same goes for their breads. Their multi-grain bread is my go-to with some soup during the winter months. I genuinely think it makes a big difference that their bread is never frozen. It's softer and holds together so well. If you've newly been diagnosed I really would recommend looking into this brand! You can click here to try out their multigrain breads. The ingredients such as psyllium seed husks give it a strong fibre content, with flax seeds being a source of Omega 3s.

There are a lot of other decent gluten-free brands out there today but these five have never failed to provide me with a satisfying, healthy bread throughout my 12 years on a gluten free diet. Please let me know if you have any other gluten-free bread brands you feel should make the cut. Hope you enjoyed this post!

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