Gluten Free Brunch in Galway

Updated: Oct 2, 2018

Standing over my plate of underdone poached eggs and burnt toast, I was once told that 'you can't brunch in the kitchen.' I now live by this quote. Brunch is my favourite meal to ever come into existence. Over-indulgent breakfast food, served in the afternoon, and shamelessly accompanied by a glass of prosecco or cake. How does any other meal stand a chance? So, here is a list of my favourite places to brunch in Galway city.

Coco Cafe Salthill Rd Lower, Galway

Coco Cafe in Salthill is one of my favourite places to brunch when I have a sweet tooth. They have savoury options on the menu such as omelettes and other egg dishes, but they also do gluten-free french toast! It's served with a fruit salad and is a perfect meal when you fancy treating yourself. It's also situated in a lovely location as you can go for a walk on the prom afterwards to try and walk off some of that delicious maple syrup.

The Lighthouse 8 Abbeygate St, Galway

I cannot believe how long it has taken me to discover this little lunch spot but I'm so glad I did. I walk past it regularly as it's so central but had no idea about their gluten free options!! (Basically everything on the menu.) The food does not only look ridiculously appealing but it's so delicious and definitely a healthier brunch option. This place is also ideal for vegans and vegetarians. The one thing I would say is to be careful if you have a nut allergy as they use a lot of nuts in their kitchen, but I just told the waitress so she was extra careful not to include any in my meal.

Revive 35 Eyre St, Galway

If you fancy a healthier option that doesn't involve eggs, in my opinion Revive's salads are the best in Galway. The roast veg and Mediterranean salads are delicious and completely gluten-free. Although a lot of their salads contain nuts, you can tell the waiter if you have an allergy and they have no problem altering the dish to suit you. They also have gluten-free bread, wraps and a display of cakes. I've never gotten to try the cakes, however, as they all contain nuts. It's situated in a really handy location, just off the top of Eyre Square, and there's even a nice little seating area out the back for when the sun is shining.

Dela 51 Lower Dominick Street, Galway

Dela is one of Galway's most popular spots for brunch, and it's easy to see why. They have a variety of fabulous, eggy options on the menu and gluten-free bread on request. It's also an ideal location for a boozy brunch, as the cocktails are the size of my head. The interior has a lovely, relaxed vibe but be prepared to queue at least 5 minutes for a table, especially on Saturday afternoons!

The Kitchen Galway City Museum, Spanish Parade, Galway.

On the other side of town, down by Spanish Arch, The Kitchen also offers an amazing brunch and lunch menu. Their menu options are definitely a little more creative from usual brunch options, and just as delicious! Coeliac Friendly options are clearly marked and gluten-free bread is available. This little spot is also vegetarian and vegan friendly and has delicious gluten-free treats up at the till too.

Caprice 1 Church Lane, Galway.

Caprice has a stunning interior and a lovely relaxed atmosphere. They have some egg dishes, gluten-free bread and salads which you can chose from. However, what really stands out to me is their gluten free, warm apple crumble. This crumble is genuinely the most divine treat on a chilly Saturday afternoon and I would certainly recommend Caprice for a brunch/lunch with the girls.

Espresso 44 44 William Street, Galway.

Lastly if you're looking for little gluten-free treats, pop into Espresso 44. They have a large selection of gluten-free brownies, coconut macarons, flapjacks, cookies, muffins and much more on display.

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