My Gluten-Free Christmas Favourites

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

This Christmas, I’ll be in New York city. Although I’m not complaining, there’s certainly some things I’ll miss about not spending Christmas at home- the food.

Yes, I’ll also miss my family, but there’s nothing quite like stuffing your face with all the goodies from home that you restrain from throughout the rest of the year. This is a short list of my absolute go-to, gluten-free food items that for me, make Christmas, Christmas.


What is Christmas dinner without gravy and stuffing? Unfortunately, neither is naturally gluten-free. Fortunately, you can gluten-free alternatives in nearly every shop, like Tesco and Marks and Spencers. I love the Marks and Spencers stuffing which you can find here, and my favourite gluten free gravy simply HAS to be Knorr.

Some other gluten-free additions that are must-haves with my dinner are Pigs in Blankets, and Yorkshire Puddings. If you don’t have the time to start making them from scratch, the Marks and Spencers Pigs in blankets and the Tesco Yorkshire Puddings are ideal!


To be honest, when it’s Christmas I let myself go and turn a blind eye if the packaging says ‘May Contain Wheat’. As well as this, I find the crisps and chocolates that have no gluten ingredients yet don't specify gluten free, are absolutely fine for me to eat. However, for those of you who are a little more on the cautious side, many Thornton’s and Cadburys options are completely gluten free, such as Twirls, Curlywurlys and Flakes! For crisps, Keoghs are my all-time favourite crisp brand, and state on the packaging that they are gluten free.

I’m yet to find a better Christmas biscuit than Walkers shortbread, and their gluten-free selection box is literally a match made in heaven with some tea. You can get individual packets of their gluten-free shortbreads on the website or in most shops, however I found an assortment in Tk Maxx which is actually still available on Amazon here.

For my cheese and crackers I always opt for cranberry cheese, like this one from Tesco and the Origin Earth Gluten Free crackers- the perfect combo.


The moment my sweet tooth has been waiting for all year - Christmas dessert. To be honest, I normally can’t choose just one, so pick at multiple options. My all time favourites are these gluten free mince pies from Foods of Athenry. They're actually vegan-friendly too, so the perfect option for any of your animal-loving friends.

In a close second is this Christmas pudding, also from Foods of Athenry. Lastly, to really put me into a food coma, I finish off with Rule of Crumb’s profiteroles. If you haven’t tried these, they are a MUST!

So, those are my top foods that I will be missing this Christmas. For those of you in Ireland or the UK, I would definitely recommend adding them to your shopping list, and perhaps sending them over to me. Hope this has helped! x

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