Low-Cal, Fat & Carb Pizza!

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

Whether you're on a clean eating buzz, or just a diabetic unwilling to overdose on insulin- pizza is probably a food that you're avoiding. For the latter, I have a post here on how I manage to eat a pizza and maintain a stable blood sugar (it only took me 10 years to figure out). However, I recently discovered a pizza that's significantly lower in calories, carbs and fats. So A- it's guilt free, and B- no nasty sugar spikes! Plus, it actually tastes like a normal frozen pizza, because believe me, I would settle for nothing less.

What you need

1. Cauliflower Based Crust

The first trick is to go for a Cauliflower based crust. I know that sounds disgusting, but I'm writing this as an avid Cauliflower hater and I am obsessed with these crusts. But be careful which one you go for! I began using the 'Caulipower' bases, and yes they are delicious. However, they're actually more or less the same amount of carbs and calories as a normal base. The one I would recommend is the Califlour brand. They have loads of different varieties on their website.

The entire traditional crust has just

  • 270cals

  • 18g fat

  • 6g of carbs

Unfortunately their only available in the US and Canada at the moment. So alternatively, Green Giant have two Cauliflower pizza bases. They're higher in carbs (64g for the entire thing). However, the minimal amount of fat (only 4g!!) means it only has 320 cals. Plus, if you're a type one diabetic, there's no worry about fat delaying the carb digestion. This means, (for me anyways), I can just carb count and take all of my insulin dose at once, making the whole pizza-eating process a lot less stressful.

If you don't have access to either of these brands, there are so many simple recipes online. My favourite is this one from Detoxanista.

2. Tomato Paste

You need roughly two tablespoons of tomato paste. My tip here is to avoid spending double the price on the brands that say 'no sugar added’. The majority are all the same for the amount needed-

  • 25cals

  • 0g of fat

  • 6g of carbs.

3. Low-Fat Grated Mozzarella

As I mentioned before, the lower the fat the easier it will be for insulin dosing. This is why I decided to go with a base and add my own toppings- you really only need a fraction of the cheese that normal frozen pizzas have. Plus, you can opt for a low fat option. I used ¼ cup of this Kraft fat free Mozzarella and it was delicious! It has

  • 45cals

  • 0g of fat

  • 2g of carbs.

For those in Ireland/UK a great option is this LowLow one.

4. Veggies/Meats

I know some people might disagree with this, but I love a good turkey slice. I find turkey a good replacement for ham/pepperoni as it's a much leaner meat and still has that nice salty taste. That's just my opinion though! I'm also obsessed with mushrooms so as my toppings I used two turkey slices and two mushrooms cut up. These toppings have such minimal calories, fats and carbs that I'm not going to over-analyse things and add them up. Just to go for a healthy topping that you also enjoy!

There you have it! A low calorie, low fat, low carb pizza. In total, the whole thing was about

  • 350 calories (added 10 for toppings),

  • 18g fat

  • 14g carbs.

I know this is pretty straight forward, but I was so delighted when I found this healthy alternative that caused no sugar spikes and required such little insulin, so wanted to share it! Better yet, it actually tastes delicious! Please let me know if you recommend any other low-carb pizza bases, especially if you're based in the EU! Hope this has helped. X

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