Low-Carb, Healthy Snacks

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

I've always been a snacker. After breakfast, lunch and dinner- I love to snack. However, I used to pick and pick, lose track of how much I had eaten, not know how much insulin to take and end up with either a soaring/crashing blood sugar. This kept happening until I discovered the 15g carb rule of snacking. By keeping your snacks to 15g of carbs or less, it's so much easier to stay in control of sugar levels. It sounds nearly impossible and not exactly appealing considering your average cereal bar (nutri-grain) has at least 25g and a bag of crisps (doritos) has 22g. However, the snacks that I have mentioned below are all low-carb and equally as satisfying!

Corn Cakes & Smoked Salmon

Firstly, I have to stress that corn cakes and rice cakes are not the same thing. In my opinion, rice cakes are painfully bland. Corn cakes are crunchier and I genuinely believe there is such a difference in taste! I personally love these Suzie ones, with only 16 calories per slice! They also only have about 4g of carbohydrate each. I have two and top them off with smoked salmon and it's my favourite snack to have in the evenings. There's so many other topping options I love too, such as turkey slices, cucumber and hummus and tuna just to name a few.

Hummus and Veg

I think that you could spread hummus on a piece of coal and it would edible. It's my personal favourite. If you don't like the taste of veg on it's own, dipping it in hummus is a great stepping stone. I used to actually find broccoli repulsive until I began boiling it and dipping it in- now I'm obsessed! My other favourite hummus pairing is carrots. One carrot is 6g of carbs, so that means two whole carrots cut up is still under the rule and makes for quite a large snack. Be cautious of how much hummus you use though, as if you go a little over-board it will cancel out the low-carb veggies. I usually put a tablespoon on the side of the dish.

Prawns & Avocado

The lack of carbohydrate in this snack makes it an ideal option if you're a Type One Diabetic and a little peckish before bed. Prawns are a great source of protein and omega 3 and provide you with lots of vitamins and iron so they're a great food option. They're also very low in saturated fat and calories so a good option for weight loss! Along with the avocado this snack is both enjoyable and will leave you feeling satisfied.

Greek Yoghurt

The Fage Total 0% is a great alternative to other 'natural' yogurts that are usually full of sugar. I get the big pot and put about 2 large tablespoons into a cup which makes up only about 5g of carbohydrate. I top it off with a few berries and it leaves me feeling full right up until the next meal time.

Cucumber & Salsa

To be honest, I had never even considered this pairing until one day when I was desperate for a snack and the fridge was a little bare. I now go through about 2 cucumbers a day. I LOVE this Tostito salsa dip but I'm sure any other would be just as tasty! Cucumbers are one of the lowest carb veggies out there and have minimal calories. This snack is a great option for when you're boredom eating- something I can definitely relate to.


Berries are the best option for a fruit snack. They have a very little carbohydrate count unlike other fruits, which I only discovered recently! They have a very little affect on my blood-sugar levels so a cup of blueberries and raspberries would be the better choice of fruit for diabetics. I also often have a cup after meals when I don't feel fully satisfied and they always do the trick.

These are just a few of my go-to snacks that help me handle my blood-sugar levels but also leave me satisfied in the evening times. If you have any other snack ideas please let me know. Hope this list has helped!

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