Diabetic-Friendly Party Foods

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

Having recently moved to Boston, I've already decided that I'm a big fan of the American culture, in particular ‘game day’. What’s not to love about an entire day of eating party foods and drinking cans around friends and a TV. Anyone with a working pancreas would say absolutely nothing!! However, unfortunately for us type ones, the whole game day concept can be a bit of a nightmare for blood sugars. Eating a pizza alone is complicated enough, never mind continuously stuffing your face with fatty, carby foods alongside some sugary beers and ciders. But what if there were alternatives that could allow you to over-indulge without the worry of roller-coaster blood glucose levels? Good news! There is.

Replace it with Cauliflower

When I picked the Cauliflower pizza base out of the freezer, my boyfriend made a retching noise. Honestly, that reaction is fair enough. A pizza with a cauliflower crust sounds just plain wrong. But I kid you not (and I swear I haven’t been paid to say this) when it was cooked, it genuinely tasted divine. Even himself couldn't taste a difference between mine and his own normal pizza! Yes, it's possible to eat pizza and maintain a healthy blood sugar (click here to read how I manage it). However, when mixed with everything else that game day involves (all the other foods and alcohol) it can get a little difficult. So why not avoid the complications and replace the carby goodness with a Cauliflower based version? It has a fraction of the carbs a normal pizza would and I would genuinely rate it a 10/10. For those in the UK, I've also heard great things about the No Dough Pizza Co available in ASDA and Sainsburys.

Keep Snacks Protein-Based

Although I’ll admit I don’t actually know what it is that I’m eating- my latest discovery and obsession is turkey jerky. Particularly this one, from Country Archer. I haven’t ventured to Beef Jerky yet but I do plan to soon. For me, these little bags of protein are the perfect alternative to snacking on carbs! Most of the time I’ll only snack on a bag of crisps or popcorn out of habit if its there in front of me. So if there’s a snack option that won’t send my sugar levels soaring, I’d definitely opt for that!

Go Sugar Free

I always keep an eye out for the low-sugar/sugar-free label for my sweet tooth. Why bother putting yourself through the hassle of taking more insulin when you can get an option which requires less? For frozen desserts, my go-to brand is Breyers. The cinnamon swirl is my personal favourite and can be found in most stores! For sweets and chocolate, there’s always a low-sugar alternative that taste pretty much the same. I personally love the Freeist brand. They have everything from marshmallows to chocolate to gummy bears!

Experiment with Cans

Even if I wasn’t allergic, I would never reach for a can of beer and the same goes for cider. These two alcohol options are full of sugar and carbs and for me, absolutely not worth it. A list of my favourite, low-sugar drinks can be found here, but I realise that sometimes it’s nice to have a casual can rather than a glass of wine or a gin and slim-line. Recently, I came across Smirnoffs latest cans, and I absolutely love them! They’re called Spiked Sparkling Seltzer and the perfect solution for when you want to join in without having to worry about sugar spikes. Plus, one can only has 90 calories, so they’re a great option if you’re watching your diet but want to enjoy yourself! I honestly really like all of the flavours, but Cranberry Lime is my favourite. I drank a few of these during my first ‘Game Day’, didn’t need one bit of insulin, and the best part- woke up fresh as a daisy!

So, that is how I managed to survive and thoroughly enjoy my first 'Game Day,' although these party food options are perfect for any kind of event or gathering you're hosting/attending. Hope this has helped! x

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