What May be Causing Your Insulin Resistance

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Ever since learning about Free Radicals in my nutrition course, I've been slightly paranoid about them.

What are Free Radicals?

In short, they are unstable molecules that end up making you wrinkly, dithery, and tired. In other words, they make you AGE.

To break it down, your body has atoms with a balanced amount of electrons. Free Radicals are unstable atoms that come in and steal an electron off one of your balanced atoms to make themselves balanced, but in turn make the other one unstable. This turns into a domino effect. The cells and tissues made from Free Radicals become damaged and this damage accumulates with age, in the form of a fright when looking in the mirror:

Not only this, because Free Radicals damage cell membranes, they impair their sensitivity to insulin. They are also linked with damage such as Parkinson's disease, asthma, and ulcers.

Large sources of Free Radicals are pollution, sunburn, pesticides, smoking, ultra-processed foods, and extreme exercise, so it's obviously best to steer clear of these. However, as much as you may try, Free Radicals are a part of life, and it's impossible to avoid them completely. I soon learned that there is zero point about being paranoid about them.

So what can you do to reduce free radical damage?

One word- antioxidants.

Antioxidant molecules donate an electron to a free radical atom, putting a halt to the domino effect and preventing further damage. They are measured in ORACs.

The daily recommended ORAC intake is 3,500. However, for people with diabetes it is 6000. This can seem like a large amount, but it's actually incredibly easy to get your antioxidants in with a few simple changes. The first thing to note is that spices have a huge amount of antioxidants in them, much more so than food. Another top tip is that Foods with the deepest colour and flavour have the highest antioxidant levels. Below you can find a list of foods, with each serving containing 2,000 ORACs of antioxidants. This means that if you are a diabetic, you only need 3 of these options every day to keep that youth.

So no, cinnamon still can't cure diabetes. BUT it's still worth adding to the weekly shop!

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