How to Satisfy your Cravings

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

My ability to eat everything in front of me often surprises people. I will finish an entire three course meal and continue to pick at everyone else's leftovers. This is because as a Type 1 diabetic, I'm lacking in that hormone that allows me to feel satisfied with what I've eaten. Crisps, however, are a different story. I just have no self-control when it comes to crisps.

Anyways, this hormone is called Amylin and suppresses appetite. With the lack of this hormone along with the low-carb diet that many type 1 diabetics follow, cravings are inevitable. I personally don't follow a strict low-carb diet, and you can watch why here. However, I'm conscious not to overdo it with the carbs I eat and these are my tricks for preventing cravings!

Leave leftovers

When eating at home, I put 3/4s of my cooked meal on my plate and leave about 1/4 left over in the dish. This is simple yet so effective!! After I've cleaned my plate I'll go back into the kitchen and eat the leftovers. It's like having seconds except it's not detrimental to my blood sugars as all of the food has been dosed for.


Cucumber and salsa/hummus is my all time favourite snack. I often eat an entire cucumber in one sitting. If I'm being honest, sometimes two. The majority of time I'm not actually hungry after my meals, I just need (want) something to pick on while I'm digesting the food. Cucumber and salsa or hummus is the perfect snack for this as it's so low in carbs, calories and satisfies me perfectly.

Extra Veg- always

As I mentioned in this post here on eating out with type 1, always get extra veg. Due to its high fiber content, vegetables have little effect on blood sugars so I always stack up on them in each meal. Plus, the benefits of vegetables and all that. If you're not a fan of the general taste of vegetables I'd recommend frying them with a little gluten free soy sauce (click here to buy) as a starting point. I was never a massive veggie eater before but began to enjoy them with a bit of soy sauce and now I'm obsessed. When eating out, I'll order them as a side. At home, I make sure they fill the majority of my plate. Vegetables are key.

Add in fats

I can't express how much difference a bit of healthy fat in a meal makes. I used to eat meals made up of mainly protein and a few carbs and then feel hungry 20 minutes later. After introducing fats to each meal I feel fuller and more satisfied for so much longer. It doesn't have to be much, just something simple like adding full eggs to my porridge I have in the mornings, or half an avocado to my sweet potato wrap (the best low-carb, high fiber, vegan and gluten free wrap to ever exist. Click here to get some).

Sparkling Water

This may sound silly but sometimes a glass of sparkling water is all it takes to satisfy those after-meal cravings. A lot of the time dehydration is mistaken for hunger. Now I mean if I'm genuinely hungry a glass of water is obviously not going to do squat. However, next time you feel peckish after eating a big meal, try sipping on some sparkling water with a slice of lemon in it before going for more food- it will normally do the trick!

Quest Nutrition

We've all been there. You decide to treat yourself to a pizza and regret it immediately with literal upsetting blood sugars all night. You can try to avoid pizza for the rest of your life but you will fail. Some days nothing will do except for pizza. On these days, reach for Quest Nutrition. Their pizzas are ridiculously low in carbohydrates and are the BEST THINGS EVER. I nearly cried when I found one in target. I have such a love hate relationship with pizza so these are such an amazing option. They don't DESTROY my blood sugars and are just as fantastic as the normal thing.

Low Carb Crackers

I've mentioned before that I always carry a pack of Nairns gluten free crackers in my bag. They're portable, tasty and the perfect snack between meals. One is only about 3g of carbs so doesn't require insulin for me. By always having a pack of these bad boys at hand, you can keep yourself fuelled and satisfied throughout the day without having to resort to high carb snacks or overdoing it at meal times.


I'm not even joking with this but a simple mint goes along way after a meal. Who wants to ruin a freshly minted breath when you aren't even hungry? Although I always have a very large and filling breakfast (porridge with two eggs mixed in), I never feel satisfied afterwards. A good old sugar-free altoid (which you can get here) always does the trick. Just by getting the taste of food out of my mouth it seems to help me forget about continuously eating more.

So next time you're finished your meal but just can't seem to stop, try one of these tips and see how it works! If you have any more craving hacks please let me know. I hope this post has been helpful. X

*This post contains affiliate links meaning if sales are made as a result of this post I can make a little bit of commission. It does not affect the price of the item!

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