Gluten-Free Rome

Updated: Jan 21

Two years ago I spent a semester in Italy. During which, I visited plenty of stunning Italian cities. One that particularly stood out to me was the city of Rome. Paddy and I spent 4 days there, exploring all that the fabulous city has to offer and of course, putting on some weight. Having received a few questions with regards to gluten-free eating in Rome, I decided to make this very belated post. Although it was a while ago, I can still remember each pizza, pasta and gelato like it was yesterday!


Hotel Imperiali Cavalieri

Via Frangipane, 34, 00184 Roma

If there's one thing that I cannot stand, it's searching for breakfast. Neither I nor Paddy function well on empty stomachs. It's happened all too many times where we end up in an over-priced tourist trap and make-do with runny eggs. To avoid this, I now always ensure that our hotel has (gluten-free) breakfast included. I would definitely recommend the Hotel Fori Imperiali Cavali for exactly this! Not to mention its central location near the Colosseum, comfortable rooms and rooftop terrace.


Mama Eat

Via di S. Cosimato, 7/9, 00153 Roma

Paddy loves his gluten, so we always try to find a place that’s both coeliac friendly and has gluten options. Mama Eat was the perfect solution. It’s certified gluten-free by the AIC, meaning that the gluten-free foods are cooked in a separate environment.There were so many amazing pizza and pasta dishes that choosing just one actually stressed me out a little. We unfortunately didn’t get to try any pasta dishes since our pizza burritos (yes, pizza burritos) were more than satisfying.


Pantha Rei

Traversa Vicolo della Minerva, 00186 Roma

Don’t get sucked into one of the many overpriced, tourist-trap restaurants around the hectic area of the Pantheon! I was so delighted we found this hidden gem tucked away from all the noise. It suited both of our dietary needs and wants (gluten-free certified but with gluten for Paddy) and was extremely economical. I can still taste the absolutely divine, 8 euro Spaghetti Carbonara.

Comfort Food

Hard Rock Cafe

Via Vittorio Veneto, 62 A/B, 00187 Roma

As you might have noticed from my previous recommendations, if in doubt, The Hard Rock Cafe is always my answer. No matter what city I have visited, their gluten-free menus are always outrageously good! As per usual, we over-did it, getting the nachos to share as a starter and burgers as a main. I always do like to try the cuisine of wherever I'm visiting, but sometimes you really can't beat an old reliable. However, I would definitely recommend booking in advance, as it was a forty minute wait for a table when we visited!

Wine & Dine

Il Viaggio

14, Via Isonzo, 00198 Roma RM

Il Viaggio was one of my favourite places where we ate in Rome. The service and atmosphere were a delight, as were their gluten-free options (everything on the menu!!) They put a little dash of balsamic vinegar on the side of the plate to distinguish which dish was gluten-free which I really appreciated. Our meals were fantastic and I can confirm that the chocolate fondant is worth the calories.


Sans De Blé

Via Gabriello Chiabrera, 58C, 00145 Roma

Although normally I wouldn’t be a massive fan of pastries or cakes, for some reason I make it my mission to hunt down a gluten-free treat on holidays. Sans de Blé bakery satisfied my holiday treat-craving perfectly. This gluten-free bakery had everything I wanted and needed in that moment. From brownies and cookies to croissants- it’s safe to say we left our hands full!



Via della Maddalena, 30a, 00186 Roma

As Italy is home to the gelato, I presume you will be treating yourself to an ice-cream or five at some stage throughout your trip. However, what if I told you that you didn’t have to settle with a tub? I can’t express how excited I was when I came across Grom and their gluten-free ice-cream cones! What’s more, the gelato options were also amazing and all coeliac friendly! There’s multiple branches spotted around Rome so you won’t have to travel far to get your hands on one.


I wouldn't normally write an 'avoid' section on my list of recommendations, but this restaurant has led me to do so!! Hungry and tired after visiting the Spanish Steps, we got pulled into this spot, which suspiciously has no website and goes by two names- YUME and Piazza Sky Terrace. There was no mention of gluten-free on the menu, but the lady that coaxed us in assured me that they could do gluten-free pasta. The food took an hour and a half and when it finally arrived, the portions were minuscule. The service was poor, the bill was hefty and I felt sick after my meal, so whether the pasta actually was gluten-free is unconfirmed.

I hope this list will help you stay satisfied on your trip to Rome! Also, apologies for the lack of photos- the phone I had when we took this trip is long gone. If you have any other recommendations you think should make the list please let me know. X

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