Gluten-free Restaurants in Dublin

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

After 6 lovely months it's time for me to finish up in Dublin. Which means it's time for another gluten free recommendations post!!!! Needless to say, there were endless amounts of restaurants that I tried and loved around the city. You can find them on my Instagram stories under ‘Dublin’. However, to make things a bit easier for those visiting the city on a gluten-free diet, I've narrowed my list of restaurants down to my absolute favourites. For gluten-free brunch/lunch recommendations you can click here.



51 Dawson Street

Not much good to vegetarians, but I thought I'd start off with one of my favourite meals that I had in Dublin. Featherblade is a steak house that offers big juicy steaks for outrageously reasonable prices, along with mouth watering gluten free sides and sauces! The waitress was absolutely fantastic and clearly explained to me what I could and couldn't have on the menu- everything except for one sauce. We went for the double loaded fries, sweet potato fries and brocolli to accompany our steaks and the entire meal was divine. I have three days left in Dublin and will make it my mission to return before I leave. If you plan on coming here though, make sure you book at least a day in advance! This restaurant is in very high demand. It's also conveniently located on Dawson Street, just steps away from Grafton Street and beside lots of lovely bars to have a drink in afterwards.



24 Suffolk St

After my phone was snatched out of my hands and out of my possession by a very rude man on a bike, I needed comfort food, quick. Thankfully, Zizzi's was able to provide me with just that. The fact that their pizza was able to lift my mood after my traumatic Saturday afternoon says something. I would normally leave a bit behind, feeling stuffed and sweaty after three quarters. However, I cleaned this one up with ease and wasn't left in a slump afterwards! The dough was a really nice consistency considering it was gluten free, and they have loads more options other than pizza too! Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of the meal due to the lack of a phone at the time. (Don't walk and text in questionable areas.)



71/72 South Great Georges Street

Despite all the options Dublin has to offer, I found myself returning to Yamamori about 4 times throughout my short time here. Their sushi is divine and they are one of the few places that have black (super healthy) rice. They have a clearly laid out allergen menu so you can see exactly what does and doesn't contain gluten. I would personally recommend the salmon and avocado sushi option. However, for first time sushi-eaters, please don't mistake the green lump on the side of your plate for guacamole like I did. It's wasabi (I think). I'm not sure what its purpose is, but I personally like to leave it as a plate decoration. Also, for those who aren't sushi fans they do dishes from the grill. I had the chicken teriyaki before and it was fabulous! I told the waiter about my dietary requirements and he was able to make me up my own special sauce along with it.



3 Cork Hill, Dame Street

Toscana is a gorgeous Italian restaurant on Dame Street and my first option if I'm craving some pasta. I got the tagliatelle alla Toscana and it was divine. They also have lots of vegetarian options so it's a great place to bring your veggie friend! As well as that, they have lots of starter and desert options that can be made gluten free. This place has a really cosy atmosphere and is a real authentic Italian restaurant. Alternatively, for pasta dishes there is Carluccios on Dawson Street which is lovely, however I always prefer local business to chain restaurants.


PortHouse Pintxo

12 Eustace St, Temple Bar

There's so many options for tapas around Dublin but my favourite by a long shot is PortHouse Pintxo on temple bar. They do, in my opinion, the most authentic Spanish tapas (not just nachos and patatas bravas) for really good prices! Las Tapas de Lola is another popular spot for authentic Spanish tapas, but their gluten free options are limited. In PortHouse pintxo the waitress assured me that everything on the menu could be made gluten free- even the croquetas! They also have gluten free bread so count yourself in for all the bready dishes too.

Fish & Chips

Beshoff Bros

71 Dame Street, Temple Bar

After 21 years I finally hoovered down my first fish and chips from Beshoff Bros! Needless to say, it didn't disappoint. From goujons, onion rings, scampi and all the breaded fish- all gluten free! I thought I was in heaven. It was the perfect Friday take-away. They also have gluten free kiddies meals for the little ones, which definitely could have done me as the cod and chips I got, filled me to the brim for the rest of the day.



3 Dawson Street

If you're on a healthy buzz but still want to go out for dinner, I'd definitely recommend Farm restaurant. The organic, top quality ingredients really allow you to indulge guilt-free. Although it's a little pricey, I definitely think this spot is worth it if you fancy treating yourself. Nearly the entire menu is gluten free! I went for the burger which you could adapt and add beetroot instead of the cheese. It was up there with the nicest burgers I've ever had. The bun was so perfectly chewy I actually had to double check that it was gluten free!



26-28 Clarendon street

Any coeliac knows how important a clearly labelled menu is and Saba provides you with exactly this. The menu tells all- From a spice-meter, the paleo-friendly options, what's under 400 calories to of course, what's gluten free. I went for the caveman option with chicken which is great for people on a low-carb diet! Their menu is fantastic and I know that I will definitely be returning to this chic spot again at some stage. (Also due to the fact they do cocktails for 7 euro until 7pm.)



45 William Street

For a feed of authentic, Moroccan food I would certainly recommend Dada. (Also for their BYOB offer from Sunday-Wednesday with no corkage fee.) It's also a great spot for group dinners as their sharing dips would feed a herd of cattle. They gave me little sticks of carrots and celery to dip as I couldn't have the bread, which I was more than happy with! It was my first time trying tagine and I loved it! So much so, that I finished off (2) of my friends’. They have such a wide range of gluten free options on the menu so there's no doubt that you’ll find a dish that tickles your fancy.


Gotham Cafe

8 Anne Street

For a casual wine & dine, I love Gotham Cafe! All of their (very large) dishes are extremely reasonably priced. This restaurant has a really warm, relaxed feel and so many delicious gluten-free options. I went for their warm seasonal salad and added chicken and it was really delicious. It's located just off Grafton Street so it's a really handy location to refuel after a long day of shopping. They also do gluten free pizzas! Which I unfortunately only noticed after I ordered the salad, but always next time!

So although there are so many fantastic options all around Dublin city centre, these are the handful that really stood out to me. I tried to cover as many different cuisines as possible so there's something in there to suit everyone. Let me know if you find any others you think are worth adding to the list!

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