Gluten Free Paris

It's strange how today, I couldn't visit a place without taking multiple photos of my food, doing endless restaurant research and noting it all down for a blog post. Yet, my trip to Paris this time two years ago was before my blogs time, so none of that mattered. However, I've been seeing a lot of requests for gluten free options in Paris, and since I remember it like it was yesterday- better late than never!

Hotel Breakfasts

Hotel Duquesne Eiffel

We stayed in a hotel called Hotel Duquesne Eiffel. We weren't looking for anything super fancy, and this little boutique hotel ticked all the boxes. It was steps away from a metro stop, had views of the Eiffel tower, pretty rooms and an economical price! Something I would definitely recommend when visiting Paris is to try and find a hotel that provides breakfast included, like this one! Although they didn’t have gluten free bread when I visited, they had a variety of eggs, bacon, fruits, hams and cheeses. Whenever we ate out for breakfast, we ended up getting ripped off for a morsel of scrambled eggs.

Wine & Dine


Right next door to the hotel was a restaurant called L'Escapade. The waiters all spoke English and completely understood what I meant by 'gluten-free’. They told me that the snails weren't, (no complaints there) so I skipped the slippery starters and went straight for the rump steak which was fab. Best of all, they made me my own little desert of an apple crumble without the crumble and vanilla ice-cream on top. It was absolutely divine.

An Old Reliable

Hard Rock Cafe

Does the hard rock cafe ever fail? These were shamelessly (or maybe very shamefully) just our starters. Both the nachos and the potato skins were gluten free. I went on to get the Caesar salad for the mains, but literally couldn't touch it after that feast. The hard rock cafe has so many gluten free options so is a great choice if you're looking to overindulge! My only tip would be that if you get the nachos and potato skins as a start, don't waste your money- you won't handle a main.

Authentic Parisian

NoGlu Restaurant

We were on the hunt for the ‘NoGlu’ bakery that I had previously heard of, but as neither of us speak French, ended up at the NoGlu restaurant with two massive burgers in front of us, right after breakfast. I’m not sure how it even happened, but neither of us were complaining. That burger was one of the nicest burgers I have ever eaten. As you can probably guess from the name, everything in the restaurant is made gluten-free, and they have so many more mouth-watering options! I would definitely recommend this spot for a fresh and filling lunch/dinner.


NoGlu Bakery

After exiting the NoGlu restaurant, nice and full from our second breakfast of the day (if you would consider a burger a breakfast), we noticed the NoGlu bakery on the other side of the street. Of course, we went and stocked up on croissants and cranberry bread and it was amazing. They had so many other mouth-watering desserts and breads, but I literally think I would’ve exploded if I put any more food into my mouth.

DisneyLand Paris

Planet Hollywood

Lastly, I’m just going to presume that you’ll be visiting the most magical place on earth during your trip and I would definitely recommend Planet Hollywood for dinner! They have an entire gluten-free menu with loads of different dishes. There were casual food options such as burgers and pizza to more sophisticated, like steak, salmon and pasta. I remember the menu also specified that the burgers were 100% pure beef, so there was no worry of any breadcrumbs being added (which a lot of chain-restaurants do to their burgers).

So as you can probably guess, I returned home from my short trip to Paris about 5 stone heavier but with not one regret. Paris has been by far the most beautiful city I have ever visited, and definitely intend to visit again. If you have any more recommendations, feel free to comment them!

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