Gluten Free in Vienna City

My past few trips abroad led me to think that there was no longer a need to write these gluten-free guides. The gluten-free diet seemed to have caught on worldwide, with the struggle of finding food in a foreign country being no more!!

After three hours of desperate, hangry search for a lunch in the city of Vienna, I can confirm that the struggle is most definitely still there. Not for vegans, no. Everything is vegan friendly. For coeliacs it's a different story. However, they do exist, the restaurants that know what gluten is. They're just hidden in the side streets. So, I hunted them down and here is my list of my top gluten-free spots in Vienna city.

Restaurant Fuehrich

Führichgasse 6, 1010 Wien

Although what I opted for (a prawn salad with a side of gluten free bread) isn't exactly a traditional Austrian meal, this little spot is perfect for coeliacs that want to experience authentic Austrian food! From gluten free schnitzels to tafelspitz, they have lots of gluten free options to choose from on their menu. Plus, it's conveniently located just steps away from State Opera and the Stephansplatz. Despite all the gluten-free research I did, I found no mention of this place whatsoever online and just happened to come across it by chance. I would definitely recommend it as nearly everything on the menu can be adapted to be suitable for coeliacs!

Wrenkh Restaurant

Bauernmarkt 10, 1010 Wien

For a re-fuel from shopping, I'd recommend a bite of lunch at Wrenkh. It's just off the main shopping street and all of the allergens on their english menu are clearly labelled. They also specify what dishes are completely gluten free and the waitress actually knows what gluten is. Although it wasn't labelled as gluten free, there was no gluten allergen beside the chicken salad dish and the waitress explained to me that there were no gluten-containing ingredients. So, I went for that. The portion was massive and delicious and kept me going until dinner even though it was just a salad. They also have a lovely chia seed pudding on the menu if you've room for it!


Herrengasse 6-8, Wien

Vapiano is the perfect solution for when you're beginning to get hangry and want a quick and easy food fix. It's a DIY kind of place- you go up and order off one of the various food areas then watch the food get cooked (very quickly) in front of you. They have gluten free pizza and pasta options and there's a few branches scattered around the city. Don't expect 5 star cuisine, but it's fast, cheap, convenient and centrally located!

Da Capo Ristorante Pizzeria

Schulerstraße 18, 1010 Wien

I went here after Google told me they do gluten free pizzas- they don't. However, they do a lovely gluten free pasta dish and really delicious meat options. I went for the salmon and it was absolutely divine. It has a gorgeous interior as well with a real authentic Austrian feel! I'd definitely recommend this restaurant for a wine and dine type of meal.

Pizzeria Scarabocchio

Florianigasse 3, 1080 Wien

Pizzeria Scarabocchio restored my faith in gluten free cuisine in Vienna. I felt spoilt for choice with all the options I could have on the menu!! Basically all of the pastas, salads, meat and fish dishes were coeliac friendly, but I went for the classic pizza. They also have gluten free cheesecake and tiramisu for dessert and all of their starters are gluten free. I actually didn't even wait to get a picture before digging in, which says something. If you're a coeliac exploring Vienna city, this is a must go-to.

BlockHouse Am Naschtmarkt

Linke Wienzeile 4, 1060 Wien

For a good steak, head to BlockHouse. The waiter was lovely and was able to explain to me what sauces I could and couldn't have. The steak came with a jacket potato and I chose a side of grilled vegetables, which were actually so delicious that I got another portion. I don't think I have ever asked for extra vegetables in my whole entire lifetime. The waiter also brought me down a desert of warm, melted berries on vanilla ice-cream which was fabulous. The service was lovely and needless to say, we left more than satisfied.

So, after some intense, desperate searching, those were my favourite places that I found that cater to coeliacs in Vienna. Hope this list helps!

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