Gluten-Free in Málaga

Updated: Sep 19, 2018

Gluten-free in Malaga
Málaga, Spain.

Some of Southern Spain's most traditional dishes include fried fish, paella and patatas bravas. This is an issue for anyone with a gluten intolerance because most of these dishes contain wheat. Although it seems as though paella should be gluten-free, as its main ingredients are rice, vegetables and meat/seafood. The majority of times it is not, as more often than not the sauce it is mixed in contains gluten. However, eating gluten-free in Málaga is easier than it sounds. I lived in Málaga this summer for 8 weeks and had virtually no problem whatsoever finding places to eat and being able to try traditional Spanish food and tapas. Knowing the phrase 'sin gluten' (without gluten), helps enormously as then many of the restaurants can provide you with a gluten free menu or even make a specially prepared meal just for you.


Restauarant Bar La Bouganvilla: Calle Granada, 22, Málaga. This restaurant was the only one that I managed to find that could prepare me a special paella without gluten accompanied with a gluten free roll. It is located right in the city centre. It is open from 10am to 1am in the morning and I would highly recommend it.

Gluten free in Malaga


Bodega Bar El Pimpi: Calle Granada, 62, Málaga. This bar is high on the list of the top go to places in Málaga. I ordered a platter of ham and cheese and when asked, the waiter provided me with a warm, straight out of the oven, gluten-free roll. Not to mention a glass of wine costs as little as 2.50 euros! It is also located in the city centre and open from 10:00 am to 2:00 am Sunday through Thursday and until 3:00 am on Fridays and Saturdays.

Gluten free Malaga


Matahambre: Calle Caladería, 7, Málaga. This was my favourite tapas restaurant that I found. On each of the dishes listed on the menu the allergens were clearly shown, including gluten and nuts, which was handy for me as I have an allergy to both! Here I ordered a spanish omlette, boiled prawns and gluten-free patatas bravas. The dishes were very generous and all for a low price! The tapas cost 3-4 euros each and you could also order a variety of salads for 7.50 euros.


100 Montaditos: There is a variety of this chain restaurant located around Málaga but the one that I ate in was in Larios Mall. 100 Montaditos is one of the rare places that provides montaditos for celiacs! They had a large range to chose from and I thoroughly enjoyed mine at such a cheap price.


Tuk-Tuk Noodles: Calle Ángel, 2, Málaga

If you fancy a change from the traditional Spanish cuisine, I would definitely recommend Tuk-Tuk Noodles. You can chose between lots of different meal options with either gluten-free noodles or rice. The portions are massive and delicious!

It seems that gluten-free foods are being introduced more and more around Spain, as I noticed an increase in gluten free foods being sold in nearly every supermarket in comparison to a few years ago. Even Burger King in the city center of Málaga have burgers for celiacs now! Having said this it is still handy to know what restaurants can provide for your dietary needs rather than having to search yourself so I hope this helps. Hay un otro versión en español aquí:

Gluten free Malaga

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