Gluten-free in Barcelona

Updated: Sep 19, 2018

Gluten free Barcelona

Barcelona is a fabulous city, one that I would definitely recommend visiting if you haven't before! After visiting last weekend, it is on the top of my list of places to return. I didn't spend anywhere near as much time there as I would have liked to in order to experience the whole city. This includes trying out all the places that provide gluten-free food, which I was pleasantly surprised to find there was plenty of! But until I return, here is my list of places that really stood out for me as a coeliac.


Jansana Carrer de Balmes, 106, 08008 Barcelona, Spain

Anywhere that does a gluten-free doughnut gets an automatic 10/10 from me, but this little spot goes above and beyond with regards to gluten-free treats. Croissants, profiteroles, eclairs, donuts- it is a heaven on earth for a coeliac with a sweet tooth!! I would definitely recommend stopping by and stacking up on snacks before leaving to go home, because I haven't come across another spot which caters a wide variety of gluten-free delights.


Celiadictos Carrer de la Pobla de Lillet, 5, 08028 Barcelona, Spain

As you can probably guess from the name, this is another stunning little bakery where everything is gluten-free. This bakery stood out to me for their savoury products, like multiple types of bread, pizzas and quiches. However, they also cater personalised cakes and biscuits along with cupcakes and sweet treats traditional to Spain, such as magdalenas.


Copasetic Carrer de la Diputació, 55, 08015 Barcelona, Spain

Gluten free Barcelona

Hands down the BEST gluten-free menu I have ever seen. They had such a wide variety of options that it took me a good thirty minutes to chose what to have. I went for the pancakes with poached egg while my friend went for the kale eggs with gluten-free bread. Any person on a gluten-free diet knows how rare it is to get a gluten-substitute meal that isn't just a little bit dry or bland, so I didn't have my standards set too high. However, the pancakes were the perfect texture and even something so simple-sounding as the kale eggs managed to be one of the tastiest meals I have ever tried. I would honestly travel back to Barcelona just to have this meal again. If you're on a gluten-free diet, this place is a MUST go to.

Gluten free Barcelona


M2 Gluten Free Avinguda Diagonal, 505, 08029 Barcelona, Spain

This quirky spot is ideal for a gluten-free lunch. The menu was filled with authentic meals made from fresh, wholesome food. Not only is this spot great for coeliacs, but it is also great for those looking to eat healthy foods that taste amazing too! The menu changes weekly so I'll definitely be returning at some stage to try out another dish.


Flax & Kale Carrer dels Tallers, 74b, 08001 Barcelona, Spain

Gluten free Barcelona

This place is perfect if you want to stick to a diet but still treat yourself to dining out. Furthermore, they have amazing gluten-free options. The one thing to be aware of is that because their menu relies on healthy alternatives and is heavily plant-based, a lot of the meals contain almond flour or nuts. There is an allergen list at the back of the menu so its easy to determine which meals are suitable for you, however, if your only food restriction is gluten then you will have no issues! There are three branches of Flax & Kale- Tallers, Passage and Á Porter. We went to Tallers and I got the Spaghettini which was so satisfying and tasty. They also had an amazing range of gluten-free deserts on the menu, but because of my allergy to kiwis and nuts I was very limited, so the chef was as kind as to make me my own, personalised desert!


Sensi Restaurant Carrer Ample, 26, 08002 Barcelona, Spain

Although I didn't come across any restaurants that specialised in gluten-free tapas, Sensi had a lovely variety of tapas with the ones which are gluten-free are clearly distinguished on the menu. As well as the original tapas, they also have the chef's specials and oriental tapas. However, I just tried the classic chorizo croquettes, patatas bravas and seafood paella! In most restaurants many of the classic tapas are already gluten-free, however with the patatas bravas and paella it is always best to double check with regards to the sauce.

There's definitely plenty more spots that I have yet to try in Barcelona, but I was delighted with all of the places I found! So I hope this post can be of some help to anyone travelling to Barcelona soon and looking for some impressive, original places to eat!

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