Gluten Free Dining in Galway

Since it's believed that the West of Ireland holds the largest amount of coeliacs in Ireland, it's not hard to find a gluten-free dish in Galway. However, that's not to say that all of them are particularly... enjoyable. So, after ten years of living on a gluten-free diet in Galway, these are my favourite spots to eat out.


Cava 1 Middle St, Galway

I decided to mention Cava first, as the meal I had there stands as one of my favourite meals I have had in Galway. Not only was the food delicious, but Cava are very clued in with gluten-free requirements. They make sure that there is no hidden flour in any of their dishes. In fact, they have a specific menu stating everything that has gluten and a very clear allergen menu. Despite this, there are still so many delicious options for coeliacs on the menu! If you're a fan of tapas and wine, this place is a must-go.


Papa Rich Newtownsmith, Galway

There are a few Papa Riches dotted around Galway but my personal favourite is the one located in BORN store. It is a perfect spot for a meal on a budget, with no dishes over the price of ten euro. However, not only are their meals large in portions but small in price, they're also delicious. Their noodles are made from rice so coeliacs can eat the majority of the main courses on the menu. Just make sure you let the waiter know, so they can alter the dish to suit you!


Fat Freddy's 15 Quay Street, Galway.

This American styled restaurant is located on Quay Street, which is well known as the best street for restaurants and bars in Galway. During the summer (if it's not raining) you can sit outside and enjoy your meal in a lovely, friendly atmosphere. Also, if it's chilly Fat Freddy's provides you with blankets so the cold Irish climate doesn't have to put a damper on your evening! This restaurant serves gluten-free pasta and bread and I would definitely recommend the pasta carbonara.


Cactus Jack's Druids Lane, Quay Street, Galway.

This cosy Mexican restaurant is situated just off Quay Street and provides such a wide range of gluten-free dishes. You can find a 'C' on the menu beside the dishes that are ceoliac friendly, some of which include nachos, wings, tacos, burgers and much more. I got the chilli cheese nachos and the pollo de la casa on a gluten-free bun and needless to say I was extremely satisfied. This restaurant fits the bill for both a casual bite to eat or a nice evening out for dinner.


The Dough Bros 1, Cathedral Building, Middle St, Galway

The Dough Bros is known as one of Galway's best spots to eat out in and I've always been so jealous of everyone that was able to try their pizzas. After discovering they now provide a gluten-free option I had to try it ASAP!! I can definitely say it's the best spot in Galway for gluten-free pizzas too. The base was the ideal consistency and held together perfectly, which as you probably know, isn't always a given with gluten-free pizza. It has a relaxed atmosphere, central location and fabulous pizzas all for a reasonable price.


The Park House Restaurant 17 Forster Street, Eyre Square, Galway

This restaurant/bar is located in the Park House Hotel situated on Eyre Square. We ordered from the bar menu which had such a wide range of dishes which can be made gluten-free as well as salads which can come with gluten-free bread if you mention it to the waiter! I ordered the steak and they were able to provide me with gluten-free peppercorn sauce. There is also a choice of gluten-free warm apple pie or gluten-free warm chocolate fudge cake for desert which I think speaks for itself.


Rouge 38 Dominick Street, Galway Rouge is definitely a spot I would recommend for a special occasion. I went here for my 21st birthday and it was fabulous. We ordered from the "Montmartre" menu, which was 19 euro for a traditional French starter and a main course which is either steak, fish, beef or a vegetarian option. I got the steak with a mushroom sauce and the chef made me a special, gluten-free starter as shown in the picture. As the starter was a traditional French dish, I'm honestly not entirely sure what it was, but I was assured that it as gluten-free and it was divine!

SALTHILL Da Roberta's 161 Upper Salthill, Galway

Lastly, it's always nice to venture a little outside of the city centre for dinner some times. For those visiting, Salthill is a must-see area, especially on a summer's day. My favourite place to eat out in this area is Da Roberta's. Although it doesn't state on their menu, they do gluten-free pasta so the majority of their delicious pasta options are suitable for coeliacs. They also hand you a glass of prosecco on arrival, and if that doesn't win you over I don't know what will.

So those are my favourite spots to eat out in Galway. Obviously there are plenty more, but these are the ones that stand out to me in particular! Hope this list has helped. x

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