Gluten-Free Brunch in Dublin

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

On one of my birthdays, my boyfriend (Paddy) and I took a trip up to Dublin. Unfortunately, we made the rookie mistake of sleeping in and missed the hotel's included breakfast. As a result, we had to traipse around Dublin on empty stomachs to find an alternative, which proved very challenging. There were lots of places that would dish up a big fry but to Paddy's distress that didn't really cut the mustard for my gluten-free self. We ended up resorting to a tourist trap in Temple Bar with cold toast, runny eggs and a ridiculous bill. After moving up to Dublin I've realised there are so many places that do a fabulous gluten-free brunch, but if you don't know your way around it's like finding a needle in a haystack. So, here is my list of my favourite spots for whatever kind of brunch you're feeling.

Healthy Treat- Póg

33 Bachelors Walk, North City, D1

If you fancy treating yourself but don't want to be left with that sluggish feeling afterwards, this place will tick all the boxes. Their pancakes are low GI, low-fat and optionally gluten-free. Not to mention delicious. For those not strictly taking a healthy route, there's plenty of chocolatey, syrupy toppings to chose from. They also have a wide range of gluten-free salads and egg options with gluten-free bread! This little spot is just off O'Connell Bridge.

Eggy Brunch- Eden

7 William St S, D2

Although their menu doesn't specify, Eden provides gluten-free bread. This means that all of the fantastic, diverse egg dishes can be catered for coeliacs. If you, like me, love a good eggy brunch then I really would look no further. I got the marinated tiger prawn eggs but will most definitely be returning to try the lobster benedict. Eden has a stunning interior and is about a two minute walk from Grafton Street.

Vegetarian- Cornucopia

19-20 Wicklow St, D2

I'm not a Vegetarian. In fact, I can't remember the last time I've gone a day without chicken. As a result, I was a bit hesitant to try Cornucopia but I'm extremely glad I did. Although this meal doesn't exactly have the same aesthetic appeal as a poached egg dish, it was fantastic. They have a wide variety of options for a coeliac friendly breakfast including gluten-free frittatas, sausages and hash browns! Their breakfast finishes at 12, but if you're a late riser not to worry- they have plenty of amazing gluten-free lunch options too like the one pictured!

Economic- Lemon Jelly Café

Millennium Walkway, North City, D1

As I certainly have learned, brunching is quite an expensive hobby to take up. Luckily the Lemon Jelly Café softens the blow with a gluten-free crépe option for 5 EURO! They also have GF bread so the majority of their light breakfast options, which range from 2-5 euro can be made coeliac friendly. I got an omelette which was extremely satisfying. Budget or not, I would definitely recommend this spot!

Boozy Brunch- Pygmalion

Powerscourt Townhouse, S William St, D2

I can safely say that there isn't many better places to be when the sun is shining than Pygmalion's terrace with a cocktail in the hand. I didn't think much could be done to make me enjoy their two for the price of one cocktails more than I did already. However, that was before I discovered I can now add a gluten-free brunch to that. Not just any gluten-free brunch either, but a plate of gluten-free french toast. If you're lucky with the weather, definitely head towards Pyg and treat yourself to a cocktail out one of their many GF brunch options.

gluten free dublin

New York Style- Balfe's

2 Balfe St, Dublin 2

The interior of Balfe's was enough to make me return on its own. This New York inspired bistro is one of my top spots for a mid-day refuel. When I first walked in I asked the waitress if they had a gluten-free menu, to which she replied that I could order whatever I like and they'll make it work- any coeliacs DREAM response. So, I obviously went for the pancakes and they were fantastic. They have also teamed up with BodyByrne fitness so there's plenty of healthy options on the menu. The pancakes are made from oats so it's basically like having a bowl of porridge if you ask me.

The Renowned Brunch- Bewley's

78-79 Grafton Street, D2

Bewley's is by far one of Dublin's most popular spots for brunch. If you reveal you've never tried it, the usual response is a gasp. Although the menu says nothing about allergens, it is worth noting that they do provide gluten-free bread. This means you actually have a lot more options than you may originally think if you're on a gluten-free diet. This spot isn't a coeliac's paradise like my other recommendations. However, I thought it was worth mentioning due to its popularity and convenient location- right on Grafton Street!

So those are my recommended gluten-free brunches around the city of Dublin. There are more recommendations of restaurants for dining out here. I tried to cover a variety of different places so that there's an option for everyone! If you're travelling around Ireland on a gluten-free diet, click here to read my recommendations of where to eat in Galway. Hope this has helped. x

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