Gluten Free Brunch in Boston City

I’ve been living in Boston for over three months now, during which I have continued my dedication to weekly brunches. Despite my very tight budget, I have managed to suss out my favourite spots for my favourite meal of the day!! I’ve actually found it tricky enough to come across gluten-free brunch options (other than omelettes) without doing some research beforehand, so I hope this little guide can help anyone visiting Boston city with my shared passion for brunch.


327 Newbury St, Boston, MA 02115

If you like people watching over an eggs benny, Sonsie is where you need to go. Don’t like eggs benny? Not to worry, they have an entire gluten free brunch menu! I would give Sonsie 10/10 for the whole brunch experience. We ended up spending about two hours there relaxing and looking out the French doors that open during the summer months. They also have an amazing gluten free dinner menu, which I will most definitely be returning to try out!

Trident Booksellers and Cafe

338 Newbury St, Boston, MA 02115

Across the road from Sonsie is this little cafe and bookshop which I adore. You can have a browse through their selection of books and unwind over one of their many gluten free menu options. I also love this option for a little re-fuel if your energy has been zapped from the shops. They have gluten free bread and corn tortillas so most of the menu can be made to suit! Plus, they label what is and isn’t gluten free on their menu so if you want to go for a salad or a bowl you can do so safely.

The Friendly Toast

35 Stanhope St, Boston, MA 02116

I had heard raving reviews about the Friendly Toast. However, I was a little hesitant to try it as I looked up the menu and didn’t see many gluten free options. I was so pleasantly surprised to discover that they actually have gluten free bread and pancakes and are very allergy conscious. I got the Shakshuka Your Booty and it was AMAZING. I struggled to move afterwards as I was so full and all for a very reasonable price! The interior has fun, retro vibes. I will most definitely be returning for the pancakes.

Tatte Bakery & Cafe

399 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02116

There’s quite a few of these scattered around Boston. I went to the one on Beacon Hill and absolutely adored it. They have an entire gluten free menu online, which I’d recommend looking at before visiting. The only menu I could find in the actual café was hanging on the wall and didn’t really specify what was and wasn’t gluten free. Always prepared, this wasn’t an issue as I already knew what I was going to get (shakshuka, again.) However, they have so many options including sandwiches, salads, bowls and lots of sweet treats! You may have to wait a bit for a table as it was crazy busy when we went there on a Saturday afternoon, but it’s certainly worth it!

Sons of Boston

19 Union Street, Boston 02108

One word- Cronut. A beautiful mix of a croissant and doughnut, with a fried egg, cheese and bacon. This probably isn’t the place to go if your on some sort of diet, as the other gluten free options are a ‘fat kid brunch’ and a ‘brunch pizza’. However, if you’re a lover of food and out to treat yourself, this place is a must-go! It’s conveniently located by Faneuil Hall so if the Freedom Trail has left you with a rumbling belly, you can pop in here to re-fuel!


101 S Market St, Boston, MA 02109

Another spot that really stood out to me around the Faneuil Hall area was Anthem. This is definitely a place to go for a boozy brunch with the girls. I loved the chic interior and they had tons of gluten-free options. I got the avocado toast with fried eggs appetizer and it really hit the spot. Although it was only an appetizer it was quite a large dish! They also have an amazing selection of cocktails. The Cucumber Cocktail was so refreshing and went hand in hand with my meal.

Jennifer Lee's Bakery

100 Hanover St, Boston, MA 02108

Jennifer Lee's Bakery is my heaven on earth. It's located in the Boston Public Market and has all sorts of sweet and savoury food that is not only gluten free, but completely vegan and nut free too. Anyone who is on a gluten free diet MUST try the salted caramel brownie and one of the many doughnut options. For breakfast and brunch there are fabulous waffles and bagels. For lunch, a wide variety of paninis are available. You'll be leaving two stone heavier but trust me, it's worth it.


565 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02116

Since summer is on it's way, I thought I'd better throw in a healthy option. Minigrow is perfect for a quick, healthy meal while you're out and about. Their menu shows everything that is gluten friendly and the zucchini noodles are my go-to! Eating out in America is extremely tricky if you're trying to be healthy. If it's not fried or dipped in some sort of cheese, it's not on the menu. That's why I love Minigrow. You can choose exactly what to put in your bowl and there's so much to choose from. Nearly all of the dressings and toppings are gluten free!

Kane's Donuts

90 Oliver St, Boston, MA 02110

I saved the best until last. So this isn't exactly a brunch or lunch option, but I simply had to include my favourite place in the world. Anybody on a gluten free diet will know how difficult it is to come across a good donut. One that isn't too doughy or too dry. I became a coeliac ten years ago, and for ten years I have been searching for the donut. Kane's Donuts Gluten Free Old Fashioned is the donut. I nearly cried when eating it because it was so good. I can't stress enough how important it is that anyone on a gluten free diet tries this donut!!!

And on that dramatic note, I will conclude my list of my favourite brunch and lunch spots in Boston city. As I will be here for another while, I will definitely be making additions to this list, but so far these are the places that have stood out to me! If you have any other recommendations, please let me know! Hope this has been helpful. x

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