Friday Five- Healthy Pastas

Welcome to the first Friday Five! On the first Friday of every month I will be sharing my top five foods/products that I really do believe you need to try. This week I’m tackling pasta. I’m not a fan of white pasta and there are three reasons for this. Firstly, refined carbs are known to spike sugar levels so are a poor choice for diabetics. Secondly, refined carbs are less satisfying- I always overeat then feel disgustingly full. Thirdly, I find that gluten free white pasta always ends up either tough or soggy. These 5 alternative pasta brands are full of nutrients, lower in carbs and calories and actually taste better.

1. Banza

Banza pasta has almost half the net carbs of regular pasta yet double the protein and four times the fibre. I've put Banza at the top of my list as I find that this brand really does replace regular, gluten-free pasta for me. Despite being made from chickpeas, I find it difficult to tell a difference with regards to its taste and texture. Plus, it cooks very quickly which is ideal if you’re like me- always making a rushed lunch at the last minute. You can click here to get a variety bundle of their shells, rotini and penne.

2. Explore Cuisine

Explore Cuisine's bean powdered pastas are a fantastic alternative to regular spaghetti. They're far lower in carbs, rich in fibre and have almost 3 times the protein! These two pastas are extremely filling and satisfying so I actually find that I need a smaller portion than usual. Lastly, this alternative doesn't stick together in a big pasta gloop (if you've tried regular gluten-free spaghetti you'll know what I mean). I can definitely vouch for the black bean spaghetti which you can click here to buy. The organic mung bean Fettuccine is my other go-to which you can get here.

3. Barilla

I was doing the weekly shop when I came across Barilla’s red lentil rotini and decided to give it a go. I’ve been having it as my daily dinner ever since and will most definitely be returning to purchase it. I’m always looking for a bargain and this pasta was the best value on the shelf. It’s high in fibre and protein (as you can probably guess by now this matters to me.) Plus, It only has one ingredient- red lentils. You can click here to get a variety pack of the rotini and penne.

4. ProFusion

Profusion have an insane amount of white pasta alternatives. From red lentil to chickpea penne- they have you covered. One of their products that stood out to me in particular was the yellow lentil lasagne sheets. Being honest, I didn’t even know yellow lentils were a thing so I was quite unsure of what to expect. Needless to say I was very pleasantly surprised. I couldn’t taste a difference from regular pasta sheets and they were so easy to use! If you want a little more protein in a veggie lasagna I would definitely recommend these sheets as they’re a high protein alternative. You can click here to have a look at all of their options but just remember that the spelt versions are not gluten free.

5. Cybele’s Free to eat

They call themselves the Superbfood pasta and I’d have to agree. All of their pastas are vegetable-based and made from four ingredients or less. It's natural sceptical of vegetable based pasta but trust me when I say you would never know you were being so healthy. You get the flavor of regular pasta but with added nutrients, fibre, iron and protein. The superfood purple is the lowest in calories, with only 160 for an entire 3.05oz- you can get yourself a pack by clicking here.

Those are my top 5 healthy pasta brands that I have tried and love! Please let me know if you have any other brands you think should have made the cut. I hope this was helpful!

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