Friday 5- Gluten Free Bread Brands

I am super sceptical about trying new gluten free breads. Throughout my 12 years of being a ceoliac I have wasted far too much money on what could definitely be considered cardboard in bread packaging. To prevent any new ceoliacs from feeling this extreme disappointment, I've narrowed down my 5 favourite gluten free bread brands.

1. BFree

I actually never stop banging on about BFree but they're by far my most-used food brand. Their breads are far more substantial than regular old bread as their all high in fiber and protein. Although there are more options available in Ireland and the UK, my favourite (the brown seeded sandwich loaf) is also available in America. I don't feel the need to toast this in order to enjoy it which is very rare with gluten-free breads. You can click here to get a pack of 3!

2. Three Bakers

Ever tried to make a chicken sandwich with gluten free bread but the piece of chicken is double the size of the bread and everything falls out onto your plate in a messy heap? I don't know why gluten-free bread slices are consistently so tiny but Three Bakers is the answer to this. This brand has "large slice" bread which is about the same size as a standard bread! Plus, this brand is dedicated to making their products a healthier option. They're made with whole grains, a great source of fiber, soy free and reduced salt and sugar. Click here to try out their large bread.

3. Kinnikinnick

Kinnikinnick is a brand I came across since moving to the US and I'm very impressed. All of what they bake is free from dairy, nuts, peanuts, soy and gluten. I'll get into their cookies and donuts in another post. Their breads have a really great consistency which is difficult to get gluten-free. They don't crumble or break apart and are one of the very few breads that don't actually need toasting to taste good. I tried the white but they also have multi grain, white and cinnamon raisin which I actually must try asap. Plus, they all have fiber added which is always a plus. (Love a bit of fiber.) You can purchase the white bread in bulk (6 packs) here.

4. Canyon Bakehouse

Canyon Bakehouse have by far the largest selection of gluten free breads I've come across. If there's a bread you're missing from your life since becoming a ceoliac, check their website here, they probably have it. For me, it was cinnamon raisin bread. Cinnamon raisin bread is one of the few gluten-free things that are still difficult to come across when doing your weekly food shop, so when I found this I naturally got over-excited. Plus, it's made with whole grains and sweetened with organic agave syrup so this alternative has a lower GI than the regular kind, which is better for blood sugar levels. Click here to purchase.

5. Schar

The Schar brand has been in my cupboard since day one of becoming a ceoliac. They're just a solid reliable. Their gluten free custard creams helped me survive ten years ago when gluten-free simply wasn't a "thing" yet. The same goes for their breads. Their multi-grain bread is my go-to with some soup during the winter months. I genuinely think it makes a big difference that their bread is never frozen. It's softer and holds together so well. If you've newly been diagnosed I really would recommend looking into this brand! You can click here to try out their white and multigrain breads.

There are a lot of other decent gluten-free brands out there today but these five have never failed me throughout my 12 years on a gluten free diet. Please let me know if you have any other gluten-free bread brands you feel should make the cut. Hope you enjoyed this post!

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