Free from Gluten.. But Does Your Bread Contain Cement?

There are some gluten free brands that I have been supporting since day one. Only recently, I have realised that I have been wrong in doing so. They have not been cancelled on social media for an offensive tweet. However, something has been brought to my attention about certain ingredients that I think is very important for any coeliac to know.

I've been a fan of these brands because their breads are high in fibre, lower in carbs (which as a type one diabetic, is always handy) and have come a long way in comparison to what was available ten years ago. However, whilst training to become a nutrition coach, I've learned the nitty gritty of ingredients and just how much we're actually being deceived with marketing. Just have at this description of a certain gluten free bread:

And here are the ingredients.

This one bread has over twenty ingredients, with those highlighted being far from wholesome or natural.

Firstly, tapioca starch is a chemically modified starch, stripped of protein and nutrients. Perhaps the worst possible gluten-alternative.

Secondly, according to 'The Dish', egg white powder is usually extracted from intensely farmed eggs.

Thirdly, are the hidden E numbers. E numbers- those questionable ingredients we usually associate with brightly coloured drinks and try to avoid. However, nowadays they've branched out to many gluten-free foods and are disguised under different names. For example, E415, now known as 'xanthan gum' is also used in oven cleaner, wallpaper glue and oil drilling. E464, disguised as hydroxypropyl methylcellulose is used in eye drops as well as most gluten free breads.

These ingredients are most likely the reason why you feel bloated after making the move to a gluten-free diet. These highly refined, processed breads are far from ideal alternatives to the nutritious, wholesome options for those who can eat gluten.

However, after quite some research, I've finally found two breads that get my seal of approval. These breads are genuinely made from natural ingredients. You know what you're eating, and it isn't wallpaper glue. These are:

The Seedful brand, which can be found in Holland & Barrett.

McCambridges gluten free soda bread, which can be found in Supervalu. You can also get a bread tin baking set on their website if you're not from Ireland!

I think it's important that we all become far more aware of what we're actually putting into our bodies on a daily basis and how it can affect us. I'm personally much happier knowing my poached eggs are sitting on actual food rather than concoctions of various glue-like ingredients. If you know of any other gluten-free breads you think should make the cut, please let me know!

Josie x

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