FIBER- Why You Need It & Where To Get It

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

If you read any of my previous posts about my favourite foods, you'll notice I love a bit of fiber. In my guide to going gluten free (click here) I stress the importance of making sure you get a sufficient amount of fiber in your diet, as many who go on gluten free diets lack in it.

So why am I so obsessed with fiber?

According to the Mayo Clinic, foods with fiber provide many health benefits other than the most commonly known one (helping you to number two). These include helping to maintain a healthy weight and lowering the risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and some types of cancer. Alongside all of this, foods high in fiber are a great option for type one diabetics as they reduce the total carbohydrate count in the food and this means less insulin & less sugar spikes.

SO, keep reading for my favourite fiber sources.


Banza is a fantastic brand for high fiber pasta. Their chickpea pastas are divine and hold together so well. Plus, they also make a very high fiber Mac and Cheese which you can try out yourself by clicking here! All of their pasta products are fab but my go-to is the rotini. Compared to an average joe pasta, this one has over 4 times the amount of fiber. PLUS double the protein and almost half the carbs. Not to mention, it's one of the very few gluten-free pasta that doesn't go all soggy and gloopy. If you're interested in getting your hands on it, click here.


I actually throw beans into basically every meal I have, (except for my porridge, I'm not a psycho.) I like a bit of variety so one day it could be black, the other pinto. Any bean is a good source of fiber but if you're getting really specific like I do, kidney beans are the best. One serving cup is usually around 20g of carbs with 6g of fiber, bringing the overall net carb count (the carbs to take insulin for) down to 14g.


You'll notice by now that I'm a creature of habit. I mention BFree in 90% of my posts for none other than the fact that they're my favourite brand ever!! Their brown seeded bread is my go-to for sandwiches. Anyone on a gluten-free diet knows how difficult it is to find bread that doesn't soak up all the moisture in your mouth. This bread is high in fiber, vegan and with no refined sugar. You can click here to stock up.


Again for wraps, BFree, everytime. Their sweet potato wraps are part of my every day meals. (Click here to watch a video of what I eat them with & what I eat in a day). These wraps are the only gluten free wraps I have found that hold together splendidly throughout the day and are just so divine. Like the bread, they're high in fiber, vegan and no refined sugar. You can purchase them by clicking here.


Our Little Rebellion protein chips are the highest fiber crisp that I've found so far in the USA and I'm actually obsessed. These with a bit of salsa are fantastic. They're the only packet of crisps that don't absolutely destroy my sugar levels when I go overboard and eat half the packet in one sitting! This is because they have less than half of the carbs that a regular pack of crisps would have, plus they're loaded with protein and fiber. Click here to try out the hot buffalo (my favourite.) You won't be disappointed.

Now that you know the reasoning behind my fiber obsession, you can go over-board with these fantastic fiber-y foods like I do. Vegetables and legumes are, of course, a great source of fiber too, but I think pasta and crisps are a bit more fun. I hope this post has been helpful and please let me know if you've found any other brands or foods that you would recommend!

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