A Diabetic's New Year's Resolutions 2021

Despite the fact that 2020 absolutely whizzed by, I'm very ready for 2021. December is a time of year where I like to go hell for leather with taking it easy, so by the time January comes I'm always very ready to start fresh. Since converting myself to 90% baileys and quality streets over the festive season, my sugar levels have been cat. So although I'm not a massive fan of new years resolutions, I like to note down a few changes I will try and implement in the coming year to improve my sugar levels and overall health. That is, until next December.

A Form of Exercise Every Day

Unfortunately, the gyms are currently closed in Ireland due to being in lock-down. However, this has managed to become more of a motivating factor for me to switch things up a bit and actually increase the amount of exercise I'm doing. This past week I've been following different pilates classes on youtube and I must say, I'm a big fan. I've made it my aim to do some form of exercise every day- whether its a new class I find on youtube, a home-workout from my plan I got from @insuleoin, or a morning jog. You can click here for some exercise motivation tips.

Routine Shots

Last year I made it my aim to take my background insulin at the same time- one shot at 8am and one shot at 9pm every day and my aim for 2021 is to keep this up! It has been a god-send for my sugar levels after breakfast and in the evening. Whenever I slip up a bit with sticking to this routine, I notice a significantly higher number after breakfast simply from that gap in the morning when my night-time shot runs out and I have no background insulin in my system. The same goes for when I forget to take my evening shot at 9pm, my sugar levels increase notably after a snack that would normally require no rapid acting insulin at all. This year I’m going to focus on sticking to this routine, no matter how desperately I want to put my alarm on snooze.

Limit to One Cocktail

If you’ve read any of my previous posts or taken so much as a glance at my Instagram, you’ll know I’m a big fan of an espresso martini. Unfortunately, like any cocktail, they’re not great for sugar levels. It’s so difficult to estimate the amount of insulin to take with one, especially because they can be made differently depending on the bartender. However, I absolutely hate restricting myself, especially from something I love as deeply as an espresso martini. So, if I’m going for drinks, I’ll treat myself to one then switch to a sugar-free drink. Everything in moderation. Vodka, sparkling water and a splash of lime cordial is the drink that works best for me. The lime cordial makes all the difference and doesn’t spike my sugars at all. You can click here for some other sugar-free, alcoholic drink options I like to go for.

Increase my Steps

I recently ventured into my 'previous trips' section of my taxi app and I wasn't impressed with myself. I spent a shameful amount on taxis over December and it is now my mantra that if I can walk there, I will. Plus, there's nothing quite as effective as kick-starting the insulin then a brisk stroll. I've also made it my goal to go for a walk after I'm finished work and during lunch. Working from home is making it increasingly tempting to move from desk to couch after a long day. My daily goal is 5 thousand steps, minimum. You can track your steps on the 'health' app or download the app 'Steps'- would highly recommend!

Pack a Lunch

Growing up with an allergy to nuts and gluten meant that I never left the house without packed meals and snacks. Gluten-free food has really only come onto the scene in recent years, so if I didn’t have a packed lunch, I was going hungry. This turned out to be beneficial in a way, because now I save money and have steady sugar levels. By packing your own lunch, you know what’s in the Tupperware, how much insulin to take with it, and can choose a healthier option. I love eating out, but it’s always a slight guess as to how many carbs and how much sugar are in the meal. That’s why this year, I’m going to save my restaurant meals to special occasions rather than wasting it on just another day at work. You can click here for a list of my favourite, healthy packed lunches.

Drink More Water

By more, I actually mean just drink water in general. Currently, my only water is the little bit in my coffee. If it’s caffeine free and tasteless, I just won’t choose it. My new year’s resolution is to be one of those annoyingly perfect people with their reusable water bottle who consistently re-fill it throughout the day. By drinking more water I’ll be less likely to pick at food between meals causing a blood sugar rise. Also, according to ‘Diabetes Strong’ “Even a mild level of dehydration — something you may not even feel — could easily leave your blood sugar levels 50 to 100 mg/dL higher than if you were drinking enough water.” Staying hydrated is important for everyone, especially diabetics. So, as of now, my aim is 3 refills a day from my new, overpriced water bottle.

Those are my New Year’s Resolutions specifically to help my sugar level control. If you have any more resolutions you would like to share please let me know! Hope you enjoyed.

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