The Top 5 Local Gluten Free Brands

Let's be honest, with work from home and restrictions in place, we're all getting through a lot more food than usual at the moment. Being confined to the house means frequent trips to the fridge and mistaking boredom for hunger. Plus, in times like these, it's important to support local businesses. So, I've compiled a list of my five favourite, gluten free, Irish brands that I have been a dedicated customer of for years now. Some gluten free products can be a hit and miss with crumbly consistencies, dry textures and bland tastes. I can safely say that these brands are solid reliables and have never disappointed.

The Foods of Athenry

The Foods of Athenry are a Galway based company that excels in gluten free snacks. They are kindly applying a 20% discount to food orders at the moment, so I'd recommend that you stock up! They have ALL of the gluten free snacks to keep you going during these stretched out days. Cookie shots, flapjacks, toasts, biscuit bars, they've got you covered. Plus, if there's one thing isolation has taught me, it's that life is too short to say no to a blondie cookie shot. They're these mini shortbread cookies that are absolutely deeeelicious and vegan-friendly too! Plus, each cookie only has 18 calories, so fire away and eat ten. They also have self-raising gluten free flour which can be difficult to come across in the shops these days. On their website are some gluten free recipes to keep you entertained! Click here to browse their stock.


McCambridges is a gorgeous little food hall and restaurant on Shop Street, and by far my favourite spot in Galway. I'm yet to find a bread that compares to their award-winning, gluten-free soda bread. It's one of those (very rare) gluten free products that gives you slight anxiety because you think, this definitely isn't gluten free. But it is! For those a little more creative and let's be honest, bored, you can bake your own gluten free bread using the Bread Tin Bakery Kit. They also have gluten free oats, which I've had a constant supply of since moving back to Ireland from America in December. I use these every single morning for my big bowl of porridge. Click here for their online shop.

Goodness Grains

Goodness Grains is an award-winning Irish bakery and are dispatching deliveries on Mondays and Wednesdays. They have everything to keep you sane during this period. Cookies, danish pastries, muffins, lemon slices- the essentials. They have a fantastic range of savoury treats too like scones and croissants to accompany your (instant) coffee break. Their sesame seed bagels are perfect for a home-made Sunday brunch! These low-fat bagels are high in fiber, which is the first thing I look for in gluten-free products. You can shop online here.

Cully & Sully

I absolutely love the Cully and Sully products. They're gluten free range includes all of their Soups, their Fish Pie, Shepherds Pie, Chicken and Herb Pie, Chicken Curry Hot Pot, Chicken Tikka Hot Pot and Chili Con Carne Hot Pot. The chicken and veg soup and the mushroom soup only have around 4g of carbs per serving (1/2 a tub). As a diabetic, this means that they don't require any insulin injection for me, which is super convenient. They're also just perfect for a warm, hearty lunch. You can get the Cully & Sully products in most food shops, like Tesco.


I've been ranting on about BFree since the beginning of this blog, but have actually only recently found out that they're an Irish brand! Their sweet potato wraps have been a staple in my diet for the past couple of years now. If they're not for lunch, they're most likely on the dinner menu. All of their products are high in fiber and just leave you with a light, satisfied feeling. They are currently processing orders Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday but their products can also be found in most food shops.

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